Methods of treating helminthiasis in humans

Worms in adults are much more common than one might think. They and their waste products cause significant damage to health and can provoke various diseases.

worm pills

Ways to get rid of the problem

You can remove worms from the human body with drugs or at home, using folk remedies. Each of the methods has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, various tablets and suspensions are able to ensure the rapid achievement of the desired result, but contain toxic substances in their composition. Folk recipes have a milder type of action, but are less effective and the healing process sometimes takes more than a week.

Medical methods of treatment

Anthelmintic tablets will help you get rid of worms quickly. They are very effective, but such drugs can be taken only after consulting a doctor. This is due to the fact that the action of most tablets is able to remove only one type of worm from the body. To determine it, you will need to pass special tests.

1. Roundworms and nematodes

This group of parasites includes toxocara, whip, as well as the well-known pinworms and roundworms. There are many drugs in the form of tablets or suspensions to remove them.

  • Albendazole drugs.
  • Worm tablets of this type may contain levamisole as the active substance.
  • Mebendazole is able to remove roundworms from the body.
  • High efficacy in the treatment of adults is shown by tablets based on pyrantel pamoate.
  • No less effective are drugs based on pyrvinium embonate.
  • Piperazine and carbendanzyme are also able to remove worms from the body.

Ascarids in humans can also settle outside the gut. Then completely different pills are used.

In most cases, the above tablets only affect adult parasites. Therefore, to completely remove them from the body and prevent re-infection, two weeks after starting treatment it is necessary to take the drug again. In this case, it is very important to follow the doses indicated in the instructions, as anthelmintic tablets have a very high toxicity.

Sometimes some additional procedures are needed: using a laxative or using an enema.

2. Get rid of tapeworms

This group includes teniasis, echinococcosis, coenurosis, teniasis, asparagus, diphyllobotriasis, alveococcosis, hymenolepiasis, etc.

To remove them from the body of an adult, it is best to use worm tablets based on:

  • Niclosamide.
  • Albendazole.
  • melacrine.

3. Get rid of flatworms

This group of worms includes lanceolate methyl, Chinese methyl, lung methyl, liver methyl, feline methyl. Preparations for flatworms should be prescribed by a specialist.

Treatment with folk methods

Often people do not want to get rid of worms with drugs and use various home remedies. Folk remedies are usually less effective, but do not have a strong toxic effect. In addition, they are able to eliminate only adult worms. This means that soon the larvae in the human body may hatch and the problem will resume.

You can treat worms at home in a variety of ways, so check out some of the most common.

  1. It is necessary to cut the head of garlic or onion, pour a glass of cold water and simmer overnight. You can get rid of worms by drinking the resulting infusion in the morning on an empty stomach. This should be done in small sips. It is better to strain the infusion before use. It is also possible to use garlic water in the form of an enema, which is done at night.
  2. Herbal infusion. To prepare it, mix pumpkin seed powder and bitter wormwood leaves in a ratio of 1: 1 and pour them into a bottle of 0, 3 liters. Then pour vodka to the very top and close the lid tightly. The product should be stored in a warm or sunny place. At the same time it is important to shake periodically. The medicine prepared in this way at home is ready for use in a week. Take it twice a day half an hour before meals (lunch and dinner). The dose needed to eliminate parasites is 50 grams at a time.
  3. Folk remedies can also help remove tapeworms and roundworms. To do this, on an empty stomach you should eat at least two walnuts a day.
  4. pumpkin seeds and tansy for deworming
  5. You can also defeat worms at home with the help of an enema. To prepare it, you need to make a mash of garlic or onion and chop the tansy grass. 50 grams of the resulting mixture should be poured into 0, 5 liters of boiling milk. The tool should then be infused for half an hour in a wrapped form. The milk is then filtered and used as an enema solution. It is best to do it at night.
  6. A more sophisticated way that people use at home is the following. You need to grind 100 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds to a pulp, add to them 2 tablespoons of honey and half a glass of water. Use the resulting mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. Then eat one tablespoon every 60 minutes for three hours. After the last dose, drink a laxative. After another 1-2 hours you need to put an enema. As a result, the worms in the body die and are removed from it as soon as possible.

Drug prevention of parasites

The tablets are undoubtedly very effective against worms. But many doctors today oppose their use for preventive purposes. The only exceptions are when:

  • worms were found in one of the family members;
  • there are animals in the house;
  • man very often comes into contact with the earth;
  • the child goes to kindergarten, school or other institutions where there is a large number of children;
  • family members love fishing, hunting, active games on the beach or just in the fresh air (football, volleyball, etc. ).

In such situations, the likelihood of worms in the body is quite high. As a prophylactic drug, it is recommended to take a drug with pyrantel, as it affects those groups of parasites that are most common.

General preventive measures

For those who are used to taking pills only if there is a problem, following some simple rules will help protect as much as possible from the appearance of worms:

  1. Maintain personal hygiene, wash your hands after using the toilet.
  2. Try to eat at home. This is not about visiting or cafes, but about eating on the street.
  3. Fruits, vegetables and berries should be washed well before eating.
  4. Meat and fish must be prepared according to all the rules. They must undergo heat treatment for disinfection of possible helminth larvae.